Power of Self Publishing

Power of Self Publishing

At every convention and workshop of the National Speakers Association that I’ve attended, when the subject of publishing comes up, the experts say, “Get published! It pays to be published!” I have heard that advice over and over again. I'm sure you have, too and I have to tell you... I agree totally.

Of the authors that I’ve worked with, many of them tell me how their new books set them apart from being “just another speaker” or “just another consultant.” They have experienced, first hand, what I call the power of self publishing. If you have a well produced book of your own already, you know how great it feels to be separate from the herd.

Even better, you know what it feels like to be rewarded with the high fees and respect you deserve. If you are not published yet, NOW is the time to take action.

Most authors will tell you that they procrastinated terribly when it came to writing a manuscript. Once they finally started writing, the information came out so fast and so easily that they had enough material for two books. Here they were struggling to come up with material for one book, just to realize that they had enough for 2… maybe even more.

What I really want to share with you most is that as soon as my authors started telling perspective meeting planners about their book(s), they started getting treated with more respect. Especially when it came to their fees.

My authors have told me that they now had the confidence to see themselves as a notch above their competition which gave them a significant advantage that resulted in more business at higher fees.

-Gayle Smart

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