Opportunities Your Book Can Create for You

Opportunities Your Book Can Create for You

After you get one book published, don’t stop there! Get as many books published as you can. The power of publishing can take you places you only dream about. 

I will never forget sitting next to the President of Johnson & Johnson Middle East Medical Sales. We chatted through an exotic meal in the opulent dining room of the Cataract Hotel in Aswan, Egypt, on the banks of the Nile. I asked him why he chose me as the only outside presenter at his conference. He said, "Because you are the author of 7 books." I was a bit stunned. I did not know that he knew anything about my books. He and I never spoke about my books until that meal.

It was short-sighted on my part, but I hadn’t even sent him copies of any of my books; I thought it was too expensive to mail books to the Middle East. However, he checked me out on the Internet and was very much aware that I authored and co-authored a total of 7 books.

Wonderfully, the exact same thing happened again a short time later. I chatted with the president of a division of a huge Japanese company as we dined in a gorgeous five star restaurant on the French Riviera. I asked him why I was chosen to deliver the closing keynote at his international conference. He said, "Because you are the author of 18 books." Again, I was stunned because he and I had never discussed my books. Once more, being frugal, I had not even mailed books to him or his staff because I didn’t want to pay overseas shipping charges.

I was thrilled to discover that out of all of the speakers on Earth, it was my website that stood out best because I had the hook that impressed them the most. I stood out because I authored and co-authored lots of books. From these experiences I learned three important lessons. Get published at every opportunity. Let everyone know how many books I’ve authored. And don’t be too cheap to mail free books to prospective clients.

 - Doug Smart, author of Sell Smarter, Faster & Easier by Understanding Your Buyer's Personality Profile

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