How to Sell Your eBooks on Amazon

How to Sell Your eBooks On Amazon

We are often asked about the different options that are available in regards to marketing and distribution. A popular topic is Amazon and more specifically getting involved with their Kindle division.

First and foremost, we aren't big fans of self publishing on Amazon services. We aren't totally against it, we just think it's one of those services where authors get what they pay for. We understand for some people, it's a perfect fit for them.

In regards to selling their books through Amazon, we encourage our authors to at least look into setting up an account with Amazon and to offer their physical and eBook versions of their books.

Amazon is a huge company and are going to be around for awhile, so it's probably a good idea to at least play along. Again, depending on your personal situation, it might not be a good main source for selling your books, but we do suggest you at least look into using their services.

With that said, let's look into how to sell eBooks on Amazon.

By now you've gone through the fun process of self publishing and have a finished manuscript that has been professionally edited to go along with a beautiful cover design.

If you've never used Amazon before or would like to set up a new account you will  have to set up a username/user ID and a password. If you have purchased anything from Amazon before, you will be able to use the username and password that you've already set up.

The following steps will help you along:

  • Use the final edit files of your manuscript. It should either be a plain text format, a Microsoft Word format or preferably a HTML format. Once again, read through your entire copy once before submitting.
  • Using your username and the password, log into the websites 'Digital Text Platform'.
  • After you sign in at the platform, you will see 'My Shelf'. Click on that and then on 'Add New Item'. Once you click that, you need to enter all the possible details of your eBook starting from the title and ending at the photograph, which you will be using as the cover of your eBook.
  • At the end, you will be asked to upload your eBook. Click on 'Browse' and select the location of your eBook on your computer correctly. Depending on the size of the file, this might take some time. Please make sure you DON'T close the page.
  • After this is done, go through your entire copy once again. If any changes are needed, delete and make the necessary changes.
  • Replace the new file with the old one and download the eBook again.
  • If you have a specific publisher for your book, you need to give the said name in the 'Publisher's Name' field. If you're selling your eBook yourself, you should write your name in that field. Also, do not hit the 'Publish' button unless the status of your book doesn't show 'Ready'. After it shows ready, you can publish your eBook.

Congrats!!! Now what... Tips for Selling eBooks on Amazon

There are a few things that you should pay close attention to when you're selling your book on Amazon. With your beautiful cover design on display along with catchy title, you're ready for the next important part. The use of keywords to categorize your eBook. Use as many keyword suggestions as possible to bring down the competition your eBook faces. This is how your book will be found. When potential customers search Amazon or the web in general, you want your book title to pop up. There are multiple factors but the main thing is the use of these keywords from the start.

Keyword Optimization

Optimizing your keywords is a fancy term for picking words you think people are going to search for. Imagine you are a reader, and you go to Amazon to find a book, what will you type in the search box? Get inside the mind of the reader and think about what words to add that will make your book easy to find. You will want to do two sets of research for keywords for your title.

First, you will want to research the main keywords that are associated with your book’s subject matter. These are the words that you will want to use in your title and on your book description page. Keywords that you use in your title will show up in the URL for your book, making it easier for your title to show up in searches for those words.

To do this research, you can use the free functionality of KWFinder, or, if you’re running AdWords, Google’s keyword planner.

Your book description is an important component. Use this section to tell Amazon and any potential customers what your book is about, and who will enjoy reading it.

Below are some elements we recommend that every good book description has:

  • Once you start getting success, this a great time to mention if you or your book have won any awards or distinguishing titles (like bestseller). Be sure to mention that in your book description. Anything and everything is worth mentioning. Now is NOT the time to be bashful about your accomplishments.
  • Compare your title to some well known, best-selling authors and their titles. This will let fans of those popular authors know that they should check your book out next. Drop a few well-known books and authors into the description.
  • Your write up needs to be what sells your book so make sure to use language that is evocative. Make  readers feel something by simply reading your description, and leave them wanting to read more. One strategy is to use the first few sentences from a particularly gripping scene in your book which tends to work well.

The next important piece is the price. You need to decide a price that is affordable to readers on the web and will put money in your own pocket. If you have priced your eBook too high, customers will more than likely opt for cheaper options. Some of our authors have run sales on their eBooks to gain attention and then in turn help boost their appeal through traffic and customer reviews.

Make sure you get some reviews to help boost the sales of your eBooks and make sure they seem authentic.

You must make sure the content is good. If you try selling an eBook on the kindle market that has poor content, you will receive bad reviews, which could ruin you. If you have a large amount of great reviews, you can count on making more money.

Drive sales of your book

Good marketing will help drive sales. Amazon's algorithm is more likely to recommend books that are being downloaded or purchased by readers. Even if you have to run a brief, deeply discounted offer to get attention, establishing your book on Amazon is key.

Make your book start showing up in also-boughts

On every page on Amazon there is a section that says “customers who bought this also bought...”. When you promote your title, your book will start showing up in this section on other book’s pages, increasing the numbers of readers who will discover your title. If you do not have enough readers browsing your page, then the algorithm won’t know which similar products to link with your book.

Make your book start showing up on the top charts

Amazon ranks their offered eBooks according to popularity. When a title is downloaded by a large quantity of people, it will show up on the Amazon Best Seller chart.  Many readers come to these charts to discover new books, so if you’re ranking here, you’ll be getting in front of plenty of new readers. Just like with websites getting 1st page rankings on Google or Bing, getting in front of new readers means that more people will see and hopefully buy your book. this in turn means that ranking on the charts will help increase your sales rank.

This can be a very frustrating process as there are many other authors out there trying to achieve the same ranking as you. You can wait for your book naturally to get on the Best Seller chart, but we’ve found that taking the time and making the effort towards marketing is the best way to get on these charts.

Once you get this process down, publishing more and more eBooks will become a breeze. The demand for eBooks is increasing with time and thus, this might just turn into a very good business opportunity for you. Revenue from eBooks has help some of our authors set up their next project.

The drawback that must be considered with Amazon or other major sites is the per piece sale commission. Amazon takes a long portion of the processed but they also offer a huge eCommerce site that costs basically nothing to participate in. Every copy of your eBook that is sold, Amazon will get a small percentage of that money. I hope this helps you understood how to sell your eBook on Amazon.


-Jimmy Smart

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