Getting Started – Some Smart Publishing Tips You Can Use NOW

Get Self Published

I like to help my authors make the manuscript writing process as easy as it can be. The next step: get self published, should be a labor of love, not a chore. Too many people agonize over writing. It doesn’t have to be hard.

When it comes to writing a manuscript, being a speaker or consultant gives you a huge advantage. You are already paid for your expertise. So, one way to get started is to record what you say to your audiences and clients. Then have it transcribed. Make the necessary edits (some of us are loose with our grammar when we speak, so that has to be cleaned up for your readers; sloppy grammar in print can make you look less than intelligent). Many speakers and consultants overlook the simple idea of recording their presentations. Some mistakenly think they have to have lots of new material in order to have a worthwhile book. I say, clients are paying you good money right now to hear what you have to say. Give them what they crave by writing it down and publishing it in a great looking book.

Here’s another tip: 15 minutes of spoken material is about the length of one traditional chapter in a book. That means a 3 hour seminar with solid, valuable content and clear, compelling stories has enough material for 10 to 12 chapters. Writing a manuscript might turn out to be easier than you thought!

Many writers, including professional writers, say the toughest challenge for them is finding excellent stories to illustrate their important points. Is this a weak spot for you, too? Here is a way to get fantastic, original stories that readers will find compelling, even if you’ve had trouble coming up with great stories before.

It will help you grow your speaking or consulting business at the same time. To get new stories, interview your clients – and potential clients – and include their insights, wisdom and stories in your book. Tell them it will be published by James & Brookfield Publishers, LLC. This way they can be assured this is not a “homemade” project or wishful dream. As soon as your book is published, immediately send each an autographed copy. This will help position you as THE expert on your topic. And it will help create a bond that can put you at the top of their list when choosing a speaker or consultant. Get self published like our good friend, Nido Qubein has... on multiple occasions.

-Gayle Smart

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