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Preparing a High Quality Book NOT Homemade Junk

I recently received a call from a perspective author who has been in their respective business for many years, but never had a book published. That got me excited. I love helping professionals get published, whether it’s their first book or 31st. Many times I’ve seen how a high quality looking book can help them break through to new markets and higher levels of prestige and prosperity. What made me shake my head in disbelief was the amateurish way she was trying to do it. And the potentially amateurish results were going to be put on display for all to see – which could hurt her professionally.

She told me her editor was a friend with a degree in English. Another friend, a hobby-artist, designed the cover. And a consultant friend who heard about a “great deal” gave her a lead on a printer in China who was both good with English and cut rate. The caller was going to save a bundle and her clients would never know. That is the WRONG approach!!!!!

She called me because her mentor insisted she call. He could see she was about to make the disastrous mistake of publishing a book that looked like homemade junk. He knew clients would be unimpressed and that it could severely damage her brand.

We had a nice long talk. Eventually, I explained to her she should expect 3 things from a self publishing company:

High quality because you want to work with experts in editing, layout design, cover design, book printing, proofreading, etc. so you and your book will look great.

Low cost because the overhead is very low: No big-budget advertising, fancy offices, or salespeople who feed off of commissions. You should be able to receive a low cost per book pricing.

No hassles for you since self publishing companies handle the thousands of nit-picky details for you. You save tons of time and avoid aggravation. You can stay focused on what you do best: speaking and consulting. Their expertise is book publishing so they do the heavy lifting for you in that department. That frees you to devote your energies to running your business rather than getting mired in the details of producing a book. However, you shouldn’t be left completely out in the cold. You can be as involved or uninvolved as you want. Some authors want to be hands-on through the book production process. Others prefer to stay removed.

We talked about what she wanted to accomplish with her book. And we talked about how she wanted her book to look. I gave her lots of insider tips on how to get the most bang for the buck. And when I called back with a free quote, it turned out to be $2,380 cheaper than if she had done all the work without me!

In these economic times we’re all trying to keep as much as we can in our pockets while still trying to get the most for dollars we do spend. Don’t let your the manuscript that you’ve spent so much time and effort into producing become homemade junk. Too many prospective authors make the mistake of undervaluing the importance of using a high quality self publishing services and instead take a cheap and easy way. The quality isn’t there and you’ll be disappointed with the results.

-Jimmy Smart


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