Hardcover or Softcover Books

Hardcover or Softcover Books?

The production of both (hardcover or softcover books) are relatively easy and available so the choice is yours. However, keep in mind there are several important factors to consider in choosing between hardcover with a dust jacket or a soft cover book.

What do you want to accomplish with your book?

Some of my authors use their books as a tool to gain access to executive level people. In essence, their books are “expensive business cards” that pry open closed doors. A hardcover book generally makes a stronger statement than soft cover that you are executive level caliber. However, hardcover or soft, both can proclaim expertise much louder than your competition that is not published.

What selling price point do you want to target?

It is not uncommon for a hardcover book to sell for twice the retail price of a soft cover. There are lots of exceptions, however, so nowadays you see soft cover books at the highest price levels, too.

What is your budget?

Not surprisingly, a hardcover book costs more to produce than a soft cover. Be sure to calculate your ROI (return on investment) in terms of both profits from book sales and additional business you can expect to gain because you are a published author. One of the great things about investing in your own book (unlike, for example, investing in office equipment, brochures or advertising) is you can sell your books to get your money back and make a profit.

-Gayle Smart

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