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Power Of Self Publishing

At every convention and workshop of the National Speakers Association that I’ve attended, when the subject of publishing comes up, the experts say, “Get published! It pays to be published!” I have heard that advice over and over again. I know you have, too and I have to tell you, I agree totally. [read more]

High Quality not Homemade Junk

Homemade Junk

Avoiding a costly mistake...I recently received a call from a perspective author who has been in their respective business for many years, but never had a book published. That got me excited. I love helping professionals get published, whether it’s their first book or 31st. Many times I’ve seen how a great looking book can help them break through to new markets and higher levels of prestige and prosperity. [read more]

hardcover book options

Hardcover or Soft cover books?

The production of both are relatively easy and available so the choice is yours. However, keep in mind there are several important factors to consider in choosing between hardcover with a dust jacket or a soft cover book.

What do you want to accomplish with your book? [read more]

How to Sell Your eBooks on Amazon

We are often asked about the different options that are available in regards to marketing and distribution. A popular topic is Amazon and more specifically getting involved with their Kindle division. [read more]

Opportunities Your Books Can Create for You

After you get one book published, don’t stop there! Get as many books published as you can. The power of publishing can take you places you only dream about. [read more]

Take the hassle out of self publishing with our  Self Publishing Help

writer's block - self publishing help to break through

Tired of Writer's Block?
Free Writing Has Your Back

By: Liam Cross

Writing, more often than not, is a lonely venture. And that’s because it has to be.

It’s the thing you do when you’re so deep in your own mind that you can’t focus on anything external. You’re so buried in the page and the words you’re putting onto it that you can’t even begin to comprehend anything else in the world. In those moments, it’s just you, your heart, your soul, and your brain. It’s a sole venture, but it’s also a soul venture. And thus, it’s a lonely venture.

How could it be any other way? [read more]

facebook brand

How to Use Facebook to Build Your Author Brand

By: Liam Cross

Writing a novel is like fighting a lion.

Only… you have no weapon or armor, you only have one arm and one leg, and you’re actually fighting ten of them. Yeah. We think that pretty much sums it up…


It’s important that you learn the difference. [read more]

LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn Lead Generation Just Got Easier!

By: Shannon Kuykendall

If you haven’t heard…LinkedIn Lead Generation is the hot ticket item at the moment when it comes to building out your business.

Say goodbye to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter…Well, not goodbye, maybe more like “Let’s take a break”. There is no doubt that other social media platforms are helpful in creating leads but LinkedIn has something others don’t…guessed what it is yet? A PROFESSIONAL FEEL! [read more]

Helpful Self-Publishing Articles from Around the Web

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Meet a new kind of book, designed for the age of Peak TV

By Constance Grady @constancegrady Aug 6, 2018

Some time ago, I found myself in need of a vacation read. I am a book critic, so this was an easily solved problem: I perused the enormous pile of books on my desk that had been sent to me by publishers, found a galley that didn’t look too dark or esoteric, and set out for the beach with it. Bookburners, it was called.

Many pages later, I put down the book in a state of profound confusion. I wasn’t confused by the plot, which was deeply readable: It was the story of a black ops team working on behalf of the Vatican to exorcise demons from books, and it followed the team all over the world as they traveled to one beautiful city after another to kick demon butt.  [read more]


What Every Author Needs To Know About Marketing to Millennials

By Jeremy Brown From May 30, 2018

Being an author can be a struggle. Gone are the days where you could simply write a book, publish it on Amazon and expect the money to start rolling in. Gone are the days when simply being accepted by a major publisher was going to be good enough, if indeed those days ever existed.

Being an independent author can feel a bit like being a tiny needle in a mountainous hay stack. Until you develop a strong and loyal readership that's engaged, you're basically anonymous. And added to that, if you are targeting millennials with your work, they're considered a notoriously fickle audience. [read more]


The Self-Publishing Path: It’s Often Anything But “Self”

By   Published: Tue, August 28, 2018

As with so many things in the publishing world, the best approach to self-publishing depends on your goals and available resources. Here are key considerations authors must make when deciding on the right self-publishing path for them. [read more]

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Self-Publishing: Think Before You Ink

By Paul Ollinger Published: May 24, 2016 

You’re smart. You’ve got amazing experience. You’ve got a year of your life to kill. You should totally write a book!

When you decide to take this step, you will have to decide whether to self-publish or pursue a traditional publisher. I chose to self-publish my new book for three important reasons: [read more]