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With our proven self publishing services you're able to control your own manuscript and publishing adventure while also controlling the cost and look of your book.

Everyone has a story to tell. For some it might be an adventure story with ups and downs, twists and turns along the way. While for others it might be a rom-com with a happy ending. Then there are some who prefer to turn their life experiences and wealth of knowledge into a series of helpful books so others can better their own lives.  

Unlike with publishing houses who buy up manuscripts then let them rot away, never to see the light of day, self publishing offers authors a way to create a high quality book and eBook to show off your your friends and family along with selling to any potential customers. 100% of all rights stay with the author, so they are able to market, sell and broadcast their book whenever and where ever they please.

With James and Brookfield Publishers, we are here to guide you and lend you a helpful hand on your self publishing quest. Since 1997, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you become an author no matter what your story is.

We are here to help you on your journey of creating a high quality book at a low cost, with no hassles.

We'll help you answer any self publishing questions such as:

  • What goals you must set before you self-publish?
  • Why self publishing is a great path to choose?
  • Which of J&B Publishers' wide array of self-publishing packages will work best for you?
  • Why you should choose J&B Publishers over the other publishing companies? (hint: Our business model is to focus on quality over quantity)
  • What are your options after your book is published?
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Over the past 20+ years, we’ve helped various authors, in various niches become self published authors. With many of them returning to publish their second and even third books. Some have even ordered reprints or 2nd editions of their originals. We take pride in working with our authors. Having a part in turning their dreams into reality as they proudly show off their bookstore quality masterpieces. We’re right there by your side to help turn your rough draft manuscript into a high quality published book.

Our team of professionals will be there to give you support at every stage of the publishing process. With our proven self publishing services, processes, and expertise... you can be confident that we will guide you through the process and create a beautiful book.

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