Hardcover Binding Options

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Hardcover Binding Options

With many options to choose from, let James and Brookfield help you decide on which type of book binding works best for you. Go through our hardcover book binding options.

hardcover book options

Case Bound:
Pages are printed in traditional format and sewn/printed as sheets that are stacked, milled and glued together. Then reinforced by a cloth with industrial glue along the spine. The hardcover is made of firm solid cardboard where a linen (cloth) or leatherette wrap is glued to the boards. The book block’s end sheets are then mated to a hardcover with industrial glue, and the whole assembly is inserted into a press.

Case Wrapped:
Manufactured the same as a case bound book but instead of a cloth (linen) or leatherette cover, a printed and laminated sheet is wrapped to the boards of the cover. This is often referred to as an image wrapped cover.

Case binding is common among many genres of books (children's and text books) and often used when a more elegant finish to the book is desired with increased durability. Case bound books also have options for additional appearance enhancing features such as head bands, bookmark ribbons, embossing, foil stamping, and die cutting. A dust jacket is often used with hardcover books as additional protection to the hardcovers decorative finishes.

Book Sizes
We can print your book in any standard size (5.5 x 8.5”, 6 x 9”, 8.5 x 11”, or 12 x 12”) or custom sizes.

Photos and Images
If you have photos you would like to include in the book, we can insert the photos into your manuscript in either black/white, color, or a mix of black/white and color. Photos can be placed in any section of your book.

Black/White and Color Printing
We can print your book in black/white, color, or a combination of the two. Color is an option that can enhance the look of your book. A popular choice is to print the pages of the book in black/white and have the cover in color.

Dust Jackets
A custom dust jacket is printed to wrap around the outside of your case bound hardcover book. Dust jackets are available in gloss or matte lamination.

Foil Stamping
Custom stamp your case-wrapped hardcover book with a variety of color and metallic foil options.

Paper Options
Our papers handle text, graphics, black and white, and color work. We offer matte and glossy options, white and natural papers, and custom papers by request.

Power of Publishing

Proof/Sample Copy
As part of our setup and pre-press process we will send you a finished copy of your book as a sample or "proof" to review.
Once we receive your files our pre-press and design team will meticulously review your files. Once they have reviewed and adjusted the files for print we will print, bind, and ship you a finished copy to review. This process is in place to help you save time and money by enabling you to carefully go over the book one last time.

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