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rough draft editing

You can never have enough eyes looking over your various rough drafts. From simple spelling or grammatical errors, every draft will have something that needs to be fix. Better to find them early than after the book is printed. Choosing a professional editor is a major factor in the success of your book.

Our editors are some of the very best in the industry and will work with you to understand your vision and the make up of what you want your book to portray. When you decide to have your book edited with James and Brookfield Publishers, you are choosing to work with our editors who are required to work at the highest of standards while also being prompt.

We know that self publishing a book is not only a financial investment but that it can be an overwhelming adventure to go through as well. We work hard to take the stress out of this journey by setting you up with book publishing professionals who have many years of experience. We are here to lend you a guiding hand and help you publish a high quality book.

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