eBook Conversion Services

ebook conversion services

The digital world is changing the landscape of publishing. Authors know that the potential success of their books hinge on their ability to reach a broader range of reader preferences.

Physical books still remain a leading format of choice but an affordable opportunity for digital publishing has emerged.

eBook Readers

Our eBook conversion services to publish your eBook include everything your book requires to be available as an eBook:

  • Conversion of the content file for your book
  • Conversion of the full-color cover of your book
  • ePub Formatting for  various e-readers including the iPad, iPod, Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook

Major eBook retailer distribution companies:

Four major ebook channels exist today and our eBook conversion services covers the development and distribution of your book to all of them. James and Brookfield Publishers will convert and optimize your book, and submit the resulting file to Amazon (Amazon Kindle), Barnes & Noble (Nook), Apple’s iBookstore (iPad, iPod, and iPhone), and Google (various smart phones and tablets through GooglePlay).

With James and Brookfield Publishers’s ebook conversion services you have access to these avenues and the potential of more readers than ever before.

eBook Publishing Companies

eBook development and distribution is the conversion of your book’s cover and content to a format usable by multiple ebook readers and digital devices (such as iPhones and Android devices) on the market. After James and Brookfield Publishers has converted your book to an ebook format, it can be purchased and downloaded to almost all ebook readers and digital devices.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon has grown to great heights and their offered products has changed over the years. Most people forget or are unaware that Amazon started off as an online bookstore. They quickly become the world’s largest bookstore, so it was only fitting that they are one of the pioneers of the recent eBook movement. Paired with their Kindle device, their digital bookstore has been the go to marketplace. The Kindle store is host to over a million unique titles and is growing by day. Having a Kindle format is a great way to cater to a new generation of readers that are already very familiar with Amazon, but prefer to purchase and immediately download a digital product. Their platform is not stuck to only customers who have an Amazon Kindle. Versions for the PC, iPhone, and Android are available as well.

Barnes & Noble Nook

At one time, Barnes and Noble bookstores were the place to be in regards to authors looking to sell their books, as well as customers looking to buy books. With the change in buyer's approach to book buying, B&N found a way to keep their presence know by offering their own tablet, Nook, to its loyal followers. This way their customers can enjoy their digital products through their Nook. B&N continues to be a force in the book world with the largest number of physical bookstore locations in the world. They are a strong contender in total online book sales. Availability in Nook format through B&N is a great way for independent authors to cover all the bases as they plan their digital book strategy.

Google Editions

Through their success in other aspects, Google is using their name recognition to expand into other markets. Their GooglePlay store is widely popular for customers looking to buy music, movies and digital versions of various books. The store has a wide reach as it's available through various smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Apple iBookstore

Apple, probably needs no introduction. Along with Amazon, they may get the credit for the eBook revolution. What iTunes did for the music industry, the Apple iBookstore is doing for the publishing industry. With the success of the iPad and iPod, Apple is bringing an easy way for more and more authors to reach a wider audience. There platform provides a place where customers can download the latest best-selling books or find their favorite classics.

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