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self publishing audiobooks

James and Brookfield Publishers is happy to announce a brand new medium to share your self published book...Audiobooks!

Through our audiobooks marketing service, is able to offer professional voice talent, who will help bring your book to life with their smooth and engaging voice. Your recording will go through our same high quality, book publishing standards of editing and polishing until it’s absolutely perfect.

Please take a moment to read more about our audiobook services and then feel free to contact us with your questions.

Books-on-tape or audiobooks are one of the fastest growing sectors in publishing.

Listeners are enjoying an expanded choice of titles from mainstream fiction to biographies to motivational/self-help books. What this means to the author is that audiobooks offer an additional and promising marketing tool to reach and expand your audience.


Listen Up!
What Exactly is an Audiobook?

An audiobook is a reinterpretation of your printed book. It’s taking the words on the page and turns them into a read-out-loud performance that your audience can enjoy listening to on a computer, car MP3 player while sitting in traffic or through someone's smartphone/tablet while they are on the go.


Audiobook Services

* Professional voice work

* Editing and mastering of the author's recording

* ISBN and distribution service provided



As with traditional printed books and e-books, audiobooks are purchased at online websites. There are many websites that sell books in all formats and then there are those that sell audiobooks exclusively. An audiobook produced through James and Brookfield Publishers will be made available to all the major online bookstores.


Have Book...need Audiobook Format?

Sure we wish you came through us to publish your wonderful book but we understand there are other options out there so we won't hold it against you (at least not this time). Instead we will show you our high quality standards in the form of helping you convert your book into audiobook form. The same James and Brookfield Publishers' audiobook services will be available to you as well, along with any other services that you may need. Our goal is to always help people achieve the most success possible. We're here to help anyway that we can.